Positive Changes in C-ID Remove Policy Barriers to Pathways Implementation in California

The  California Course Identification Description catalog (C-ID) Math Faculty Review Group has approved an updated version of the Math 110 (Introductory Statistics) course descriptor to expand the prerequisite to include intermediate algebra or an approved alternative pathway. As an approved statistic pathway, Statway now meets both the Math 110 prerequisites and the learning outcome requirements of Math 110 itself. This means that Statway is guaranteed to transfer for students in any of the 14 majors covered by C-ID that have Math 110 as a course prerequisite.

The inclusion of Statway under the C-ID Math 110 title is a big win for the Pathways NIC and the students we serve. This change removes the last barriers to adoption for community colleges who are seeking to provide students with math choices that better suit their professional goals.

Statway can now transfer to the following 14 majors that include Math 110 as prerequisite for the major:

Administration of Justice, Agriculture Animal Sciences, Agriculture Business, Agriculture Plant Sciences, Anthropology, Child and Adolescent Development, Journalism, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health Science, Social Justice Studies, Sociology.

In addition, some sub-fields in Business Administration, Economics require Math 110 as an alternative to Business Calculus.

Statway was already an appropriate course for all of the Transfer Majors that did not require additional mathematics:

Communication Studies, Early Childhood Education (ECE), English, Film, Television and Electronic Media, Geography, Global Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, Studio Arts, Theatre Arts

We are tremendously thankful of all the members of the NIC who have advocated on behalf the of Carnegie Math Pathways. This is an exciting payoff from years of effort.

Positive Changes in C-ID Remove Policy Barriers to Pathways Implementation in California

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