Online Enhancements – August 10, 2016

Online Enhancements – August 10, 2016

Online EnhancementsWe are excited to announce several new features and enhancements to the Pathways online platform being released with your Fall courses. As detailed in the Release Notes below, thanks to your feedback and help, we have improved important aspects of the Pathways online experience for both instructors and students. We look forward to supporting you through your upcoming courses and getting your feedback!

Features Include:

  • Automation of Faculty Support Program (FSP) surveys for new faculty: Starting this fall, new faculty will be automatically administered the FSP surveys through the online platform,
  • Improved guidance for survey administration: In an effort to increase survey response rates, we have improved the navigation to the surveys for all users of the system.
  • Announcing the new Pathways Online Preparation (POP) course: The new POP course has been developed to provide new and existing Pathways faculty with the support and resources necessary to ensure both you and your students have a successful experience in your Quantway or Statway course.
  • Automatic redemption of online purchased access codes: Starting this fall, all access codes purchased online will be automatically redeemed on the platform. Students will no longer be required to manually redeem access codes.


  • Managing active courses on the home page: Faculty now have the option to hide and unhide courses from their home page.
  • Navigating back and forth between Canvas and the portal: In Canvas, a new button on the left navigation bar allows you to navigate between Canvas and the portal.
  • Various enhancements to iMathAS-Canvas Integration

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to email our Help Desk at You can also browse, which has articles that address common questions and guide you through how to access and use the Pathways online platform.

Online Enhancements – August 10, 2016

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