NIC Member Spotlight: Faculty Mentor Jim Willis

We asked Faculty Mentor Jim Willis what inspires him to be so active in the Carnegie Math Pathways. His response:

“I’ve seen students get significantly better at critical thinking and reasoning that helps them realize how they think about things, which leads to a wider variety of choices in their lives.”

Jim joined the Pathways because he was frustrated with the lack of success that his developmental math students experienced in their traditional algebra classes. These experiences convinced him that the system was not working for these students, even though they were working very hard to succeed. He had major concerns that the students who did not pass the first test were almost certainly not going to pass the class.

As a result, in Fall 2010, Jim joined the Carnegie Math Pathways. He was central to preparing Quantway for launch, working with the development team to write and test lessons, and taught the first Quantway classes at Sinclair Community College in Spring 2012. Since then, Jim has continued to test and refine new Quantway lessons and procedures, write lessons and assessments, and mentor new Quantway faculty members.

Over the last six years, he has been a member of the original productive persistence team, the curriculum committee, the assessment team, various continuous improvement projects, and the faculty mentoring team.

Anyone who has worked with Jim will tell you that he is extraordinarily passionate about the work that he does because of the students he is able to impact. Here’s to you Jim!

NIC Member Spotlight: Faculty Mentor Jim Willis

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