Instructor Notes Design is Underway

Instructor Notes Redesign is Underway

Instructor Notes Design TeamMany faculty members have commented on how valuable the instructor notes have been for them as they transitioned into teaching the Pathways. These notes are also a great place to get new ideas or insights for more experienced Pathways instructors. An effort is underway to make the instructor notes even better.

Over the last year, the Instructor Notes Redesign Team has gathered feedback from across the NIC in an effort to make the instructor notes easier to navigate and easier to use while you teach. We have created prototypes and tested them in several classrooms. Now, this team of faculty members will be turning to adding resources to the instructor notes. These include:

  • Creating a Getting Started Guide for new instructors
  • Group, individual, and class discussion cues
  • Insights Into student thinking
  • Help with lesson timing
  • Links to resources
  • Videos of instructors teaching lessons

If you would like to help test or develop these resources and contribute to the NIC, please contact Dan Ray at

Instructor Notes Design is Underway

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